Living Freedom

Living Freedom is an annual three-day residential school for young people keen to explore ideas as they relate to the past, present and future of freedom.

The school was founded by the Academy of Ideas in 2017 and is now organised by boi.

Taking place each April at the CIEE Global Institute in central London, Living Freedom provides a stimulating forum for around 50 young advocates of freedom to attend expert talks and participate in meaningful debates.

Anyone between 18 and 25 years of age can apply regardless as to whether studying or in employment. Participants are selected via a competitive application process. Attendees pay a nominal fee of £50, which includes hostel accommodation for two nights in central London.

The school offers the chance to explore principles of freedom and to get to grips with contemporary issues. Lectures cover the history and philosophy of freedom, with topics ranging from individual autonomy to political liberty, free will and determinism to freedom of conscience and the limits to libertarianism. Expert seminars, workshop challenges and panel discussions provide for open dialogue on classic texts and explore all the hot issues of the day from free speech controversies to the culture wars, safe spaces to sin taxes.

As well as the chance to get to grips with the key thinkers and engage in a series of intellectual challenges the school provides a stimulating social forum, offering a chance to meet and socialise with peers from throughout the UK and beyond.

Attendees benefit from a dedicated Topic Guide issued to participants in advance and containing essays, articles, podcasts and videos related to the subject matter of each of the sessions.

Are you interested in developing the knowledge, ideas and arguments that can help to revitalise support for freedom? If so, Living Freedom is the place for you.