The Academy 2020

University as it should be: our annual, residential two-day summer school.

The Academy brings together a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds to cultivate ourselves with good books, good guides and in good company. Our next Academy takes place in the summer of 2020. 

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The Academy 2020

The event will almost certainly take place on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 August 2020 at Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre, Bedfordshire.

Further details and reading list are below. Tickets will be available shortly.


Politics feels more ideologically charged than it has in decades. There is talk of socialism and capitalism, the people vs the establishment, Nazis and communists. But often these political categories lack their old meaning. The left defends the status quo. Conservatives challenge the establishment. Liberals turn on liberty. And everyone calls everyone else ‘fascist’. Political life is polarised, but lacks definition.


• The emergence, interrelation, and breakdown of political categories
• Liberalism
• Conservatism
• Communism
• Capitalism: then and now
• What is the right language for politics today?


• Patrick J Deneen – Why Liberalism FailedBuy this book from Amazon (UK)
• Roger Scruton – The Meaning of Conservatism
• Daniel Bell – The End of Ideology: on the exhaustion of political ideas in the FiftiesBuy this book from Amazon (UK)
• Matthew Goodwin and Roger Eatwell – National Populism: the revolt against liberal democracy Buy this book from Amazon (UK)
• Ralph Miliband – Parliamentary Socialism: a study in the politics of labourBuy this book from Amazon (UK)
• Rosa Luxemburg – Reform or RevolutionBuy this book from Amazon (UK)


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