About The Academy

The Academy was founded by the Academy of Ideas in 2011. From February 2019, it is under the auspices of boi

Bringing together a wide range of people of all ages and educational backgrounds, The Academy is a modest attempt to demonstrate the value of scholarship in itself in today’s climate of instrumental approaches to knowledge, the use of universities as social-engineering battering rams, incessant demands to show value for money, etc.

The Academy is a residential weekend in the third week of July at Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre, Bedfordshire. Something of an intellectual summer holiday away from it all. Attendees can read as much or as little as they like from reading lists given out in advance and the format of the weekend is three to four lectures a day covering philosophy, history and culture. The only qualification required is a desire to learn, discuss and engage with big ideas.

Previous lecturers include: Professor Frank Furedi, Professor Roger Scruton, Professor Timothy O’Hagan, Dr Tiffany Jenkins, Professor Angela Hobbs, Kenan Malik, Professor John Haldane, Professor Neville Morley, Professor Ken Gemes, Dr Joel Rasmussen, Ivan Hewett, Professor Barry Ife, Michael Caines, and Professor David Jones.

Each Academy has a theme linking the lectures together. In 2019, for example, the theme is Culture Wars: then and now. The lectures are up to 45 minutes with the balance of the session time of 90 minutes reserved for questions and points from the floor. The audience is of all ages and levels of education. What attendees have in common is that they are all bright and serious and are not afraid of discussing and exploring ideas and sharing their thoughts about what they have read. Some two hundred people attend on average each year.


Recordings of sessions from previous years are available to provide a flavour of the event:

2018 (on popular sovereignty)

2017 (on The Self)

2016 (on Europe)

2014 (on morality)

2013 (on man and nature)

2012 (on free will and determinism)

The central purpose of The Academy is to spend a long weekend doing nothing but educating ourselves. For its own sake. Not even for the sake of understanding the world today better (though, if that’s your aim, it can’t hurt to know more about the history of ideas, of course). The aim is simply to cultivate ourselves with good books, good guides and in good company.

To find out about the next Academy, on 20 & 21 July 2019, visit The Academy 2019 page.